Fells / Åndes creates quiet luxury textiles and accessories.

Our inspiration started with 2 extremes, the cold crisp
Scandinavian Fells and the warm dusty peaks of the Andes.
Furthering this inspiration, we strive to combine contrasts— minimalist design with warmth, traditional craft with new technology, sensitive responsibility with fresh concepts, ambition with humility...

We believe that this combination and connection
of contrasting cultures and ideas makes for richer, balanced
and more sustainable design, and ultimately life.

Taking a minimalist yet warm approach to design, we work
with rare and elemental materials and collaborate with some
of the most skilled craftspeople in the world. 
Editing and refining with a mindful and critical eye
we are careful to preserve the warmth and connection
to the people, places and materials that make the pieces. 

We call this approach warm minimalism.