We believe natural is best.

We work exclusively in high quality natural fibers like Peruvian Baby Alpaca, Tibetan Wool, New Zealand Wool, Cruelty-Free Merino, Nepalese Cashmere and Silk that last and improve with age. Our rugs are available in a variety of fiber ranges and blends and can be fully customized to suit each project.

Both our rug and textile lines use minimally processed fibers and exclusively Swiss water-based dyes ensuring the lightest impact possible on the environment and health of our artisans.

It is important to us not only that the materials we use have the highest quality and lightest footprint possible on the earth but also that they not cause harm to the animals that produce them. Whenever possible we work with cruelty-free materials and fibers like our Cruelty-Free Merino wool which is sourced from non-mulesed Merino sheep.

We also push to further the use of no-harm fur as in our Fjun collection. All of our Fjun products are made of 100% Sheared Peruvian Alpaca that has been passed through a circular knitting process in order to create a natural quality fur fabric using all natural fur without harming the animal.