We design mindful rugs, textiles and accessories. Pieces that create a comfortable calm to restore repose and be a retreat in the modern world. Sourcing the finest fibers and materials, we collaborate with only the most skilled craftspeople. Creating objects designed to be coveted and kept. We have a deep respect for the people, places and materials that make our pieces and strive to preserve these silent connections and natural warmth. Our design approach is one of balance: modern/timeless, subtle/powerful, beautiful/pragmatic, progressive/sensitive..




Courtney Trump leads the creative direction and manufacturing for Fells Andes. Having studied at Chelsea College London, Courtney began her career working in commercial and residential interiors prior to entering the field of product design. Her experience spans a wide range of industries, from textiles and case goods to lighting and upholstery — and includes partnerships with craftspeople and manufacturers from Asia to South America.

James Trump oversees all aspects of the Fells Andes brand, from art direction to product development. He plays a strong role in shaping the company’s standards and practices and helps maintain the brand’s integrity. A graduate of Somerset College and The Surrey Institute, James is also co-founder of San Francisco based branding agency A Line focusing on lifestyle, technology and culturally based brands.

Editing and refining with a mindful eye they work together to develop deeply considered products that elevate daily life. They currently reside in San Francisco, CA.